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A Look Back at our Recent Accomplishments within the SCTE Standards Program

Reliability and Speed of 10G Networks

SCTE Standards have significantly improved the speed and reliability of 10G networks. Notable developments include:

  • SCTE 183 2023: This standard, available for free on the SCTE website, is the go-to guide for measuring operational cable systems. It's a valuable resource for operators, regulators, and consultants. The Fifth Edition includes updates, tutorials, and is now freely accessible to all.
  • SCTE 282 2023: This standard focuses on enhancing power supply reliability and reducing energy consumption within inside plant network platforms.
  • SCTE 279 2022: The first industry standard for RF amplifiers, defining requirements to maximize the performance of DOCSIS 4.0® specifications.
  • Network and Service Reliability Working Group: The project's scope includes measurement definitions, statistics tracking, control limits, and specification limits. The ultimate goal is to offer a common reference for ensuring the utmost reliability and availability of network and service offerings in the evolving 10G platform.

New Services for 10G Networks

The SCTE Standards program is paving the way for new services on 10G networks. 2023 accomplishments include:

  • SCTE 284 2023: This standard addresses the growing healthcare costs by exploring opportunities for cable operators in services like aging in place and telehealth, offering potential for added value to existing services.
  • SCTE 281-1 2023 and 281-2: This 2-part standard streamlines the use of versatile video coding (VVC) in cable networks, enhancing video compression technology.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Working Group: This Data Standards Subcommittee (DSS) working group is educating cable operators on AI/ML use cases to enrich current offerings, aiming to create standards for a common AI/ML platform for cable operators.
  • FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television Services): FAST launched in 2023, focusing on manifest-based delivery for video content. This initiative aims to define standards that allow cable providers to seamlessly integrate FAST services into their applications, eliminating the need for separate client-based apps.

Growth of Networks in Reach and Capability

In 2023, new initiatives are driving the growth of networks, especially in rural areas, and ensuring efficient and safe construction practices:

  • Construction Peer Forum: In this forum, providers are discussing common construction project challenges, including supply chain issues, workforce hiring, retention, training, standardizing network design, locates, pole attachments, and more. 
  • Interface Practices Subcommittee (IPS) Construction and Maintenance Working Group: Refining industry procedures, focusing on Recommended Practices for Coaxial Cable Construction and Testing and Recommended Practices for Optical Fiber Construction and Testing.
  • Best Practices for Migrating to DOCSIS 4.0 Networks: This project aids cable operators in transitioning to DOCSIS 4.0 technology from existing HFC deployments, starting with readiness assessment. It identifies tools required for a seamless transition, including those for identifying outdated components, interference, echo cancellation, and assessing home wiring to support DOCSIS 4.0 multi-gigabit products.



We Need You.

Engage with the SCTE Standards program to build upon the successes attained this year and achieve the vision of increasing product interchangeability and interoperability. With your help, we can continue to shape the industry's future, develop new standards, and drive innovation.